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Summer School 2018

Historiography, Methodology, Metaphilosophy

Summer School, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

June 30th – July 7th, 2018

Co-Directors: Sandra Lapointe & Erich Reck


  • Margaret Cameron, University of Victoria
  • Chris Green, York University
  • Martin Kusch, University of Vienna
  • Sandra Lapointe, McMaster University
  • Chris Meyns, University of Utrecht
  • Claude Panaccio, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Erich Reck, University of California, Riverside
  • Aviezer Tucker, Harvard University

What is distinctively philosophical about the history of philosophy, and what makes it distinct from sociology of knowledge, history of science, or intellectual history (if anything)? Does the history of philosophy (and the history of knowledge more generally) yield other types of reasoning or explanation beside reconstructions and narratives? What kinds of philosophical, sociological, and political factors seem to play a role in canon-formation? These and related questions will be the focus of the 2018 Summer School in Historiography, Methodology, and Metapilosophy. Among the topics explored will be the following: (i) historical methodology in philosophy, (ii) rational reconstruction, narrative, and alternative types of reasoning (e.g. inductive, deductive-nomological, abductive, etc.), (iii) history as a form of explanation, (iv) epistemic goals, values, and norms in history of philosophy, (v) the relationship between history of philosophy and the history of other disciplines (e.g. mathematics and psychology), (vi) the sociology of philosophy and the history of philosophy, (vii) the relationship between cognitive biases and hermeneutic limitations, (viii) canon-formation, (ix) the nature and role of ‘counter-narratives’, e.g. debunking histories or revisionary tales, and (x) the rediscovery of (non-)canonical figures.

Deadline for Application is 5 Feb 2018

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